Board of Directors

Peter Moores
Peter Moores
AAI President
Nav-Aids, Ltd.
+1 914-548-8905

Jeff Plewinski
Jeff Plewinski
AAI Deputy VP
Calae Aerospace, LLC
+1 716-622-5954

Peter Chilsen
Peter Chilsen
AAI Secretary/Treasurer
Jana, Inc.
+1 414-687-6116

Elaine Zamba
Elaine Zamba
AAI Membership Director
Teledyne Controls

Board Information

Per the AAI Constitution our Board Of Directors is made up of employees of member companies. The Directors are voted into a designated office by the Primary Contact (Voting member) representing each of our member companies.


The elected member term of office is three years. Should any vacancy occur during the term of office - the other BOD will appoint a member to complete the vacant term.


The AAI documents are made available to members and all interested members of the public.