AAI Awards Constitution

Revised 1 May 2008

1. Purpose of Constitution

While not forming part of the AAI Constitution, this document, which has been approved at a special meeting of the Board of Directors on 18th May 1972, is intended to define the awards policy in such a manner as to preserve and increase their status, and to permit the continuity of the application of the policy, or its orderly amendment should this prove desirable.

2. Form and Criteria of Awards

There will be three types of awards:

The AAI Pioneer Award. Recognizing and honoring an individual who has pioneered a technical or other innovation having a major, long term impact on the application of electronics, electric's, or instrumentation to commercial airline operations.

The AAI Volare Award. Recognizing an outstanding individual achievement in commercial avionics in one of the following fields of achievement:

AEEC Awards:

Avionics Engineering
Avionics Manufacturer

AMC Awards:

Avionics Maintenance
Avionics Product Support

AAI's Special Award. Recognizing and honoring an individual who has, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, contributed significantly in time and talent to the advancement of the avionics industry.

All Volare awards will take the form of plaques suitable for wall mounting. The Pioneer Award will be a statute symbolic of flight.

3. Administration of the Awards

The AAI Awards Committee will consist of up to seven (7) members drawn from airlines, airframe manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. The AAI Board of Directors shall appoint a chairman to serve for a two year term and who, in turn, will select the remaining members of the Committee. The AAI President will be an ex-officio member of the Committee.

The Committee will have at least one representative from an airline; one from airframe manufacturer; and one from an equipment manufacturer. At least one of the Committee Members is to be from outside of the North American Continent.

Only the name of an Award Winner, together with a sponsoring statement, approved by the Committee, will be publicized, and there will be no public reference to other decisions regarding particular awards, or to nominations received and their originators.

Nominations will not normally be discussed with nominators, and the names of the latter will not be published. Nominees will not be informed of their nomination, but after they have been selected for an award the AAI and ARINC Industry Activities will use its discretion as to whether steps should be taken to secure a successful candidates attendance at the presentation ceremony.

4. Nominations

The Committee will seek nominations in writing from the ARINC web site form, each year, accepting them from any AAI Member or other participant in AEEC or AMC meetings. It is recommend not accepting nominations from employees of the same organization - however, same company employees could and should 2nd appropriate nominations. It may also take such additional steps as are judged necessary to secure nominations of the desired caliber: forming sub-committees and co-opting advisors on a confidential basis.

5. Decisions as to Awards

The overriding criteria will be as in 2 above. In any one year the Committee will award a maximum of one Pioneer Award and one Volare Award in each Field of Achievement.

Within these limits the Committee may decide the awards by consensus, plurality or vote. Its decisions will be final, its meetings and details of nominations strictly confidential, and if it fails to agree, the Award will be withheld. It will report generally to the Board and to the AAI President, who will approve all awards. A confidential file of all nominations, minutes of meetings, and correspondence between the Committee Chairman and Committee Members will be maintained by the former. The file will be available to the Committee Members, or the AAI President.

6. Publication of Awards

When the President of the AAI approves the award, he will mutually decide arrangements for publicity, and for its presentation, with the Chairman of AEEC, AMC or any other appropriate group.

The President of the AAI, or any member of the BOD deputized by him will make the presentations.

7. Contents of Application Form for Nominations:

The following elements are to be determined in detail by the Business Manager prior to being forwarded to the Volare Awards Committee:

The Volare Awards Committee will: