Volare Award Nominations

General Rules

  1. Any member of an organization may make nominations in the commercial airline business or in the support of it. Participants of the Airlines Electronics Engineering Committee (AEEC) or the Avionics Maintenance Conference (AMC) generally make nominations.
  2. Awards are made to an individual.

    Pioneer and Volare Awards are intended only as recognition of an outstanding industry related achievement by an individual. It is the responsibility of the Awards Committee to evaluate the nominations submitted to it, and to accept only those that both satisfy the individual outstanding achievement requirement, the industry related content requirement and to reject all others.
  3. Nomination must include the Nomination Form. Supporting material such as photographs will be appreciated, but cannot be returned.
  4. The Airline Avionics Institute (AAI) reserves the right to use any entry for publicity purposes in connection with the Award without reference to any copyright or publication rights.
  5. Those submitting nominations shall relieve the AAI and the Awards Committee of all legal responsibilities entailed in returning entries. No material will be returned.
  6. Decisions and selections by the Awards Committee will be impartial and final.