Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to most every question we've received. If you don't find what you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your questions and our helpful experts are happy to answer any that you have.


What is the AAI?

The AAI was originally formed in the early 60’s as an association of Avionics manufacturers and support agencies. The mission was to support the various meetings organized by ARINC Industry Activities. We are a non-profit organization, and like all organizations we have expenses – so we must charge dues. However, as all members do not attend all conferences, we only have support fees for those meetings your organization attends. One of our main goals is to insure that all members (regardless of organization size) have equal access to attendees at the meetings. Additionally, we sponsor the Volare Awards recognizing outstanding members of the aviation community.

What is ARINC Industry Activities?

ARINC Industry Activities is an organization that provides many different products and services. For more information see ARINC Industry Activities, a division of SAE ITC (, organizes the AEEC and AMC activities and their annual meetings.

What is the difference between AAI and ARINC-IA?

ARINC Industry Activities and AAI are two completely different organizations who work closely together to make the annual AEEC and AMC meetings most effective. ARINC Industry Activities (, a division of SAE ITC, organizes the AEEC and AMC activities and their annual meetings. For more information about becoming an AEEC and/or AMC Member or Corporate Sponsor, please visit The AAI is a Non-Profit Corporation that has been supporting the annual AEEC and AMC with various hospitality events for these meetings since 1964. The AAI is made up of Avionics Manufacturers, Aircraft and Simulator OEM's, Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MRO's), and support agencies. The AAI organizes breakfasts, lunches, refreshment breaks, and the AAI Manufacturer's Reception. Various AAI members also sponsor hospitality events and pay for other expenses during the meeting. The AAI members use this opportunity in a non-trade-show manner to meet, mingle, introduce, and explore various marketing and support issues with the attendees. These annual meetings bring many airline and avionics personnel into one location with time to make and maintain lifelong friendships and explore potential business opportunities while solving problems that affect our industry. In addition, the AAI has been providing Volare Awards since 1967 honoring deserving individuals by recognizing their significant achievements. For more information, please visit the Awards page.

How safe is this web site?

The AAI Website is a Secure site and it is audited on a monthly basis by TrustWave.

AAI Membership

How do I become a member of the AAI?

From this web site ( A) click on Membership - complete all of the requested information. The Primary Contact will receive all of the direct communications between the AAI and your company and forward AAI information within their company. This person should establish a User Name and Password during sign in. This will also be the only person from your company allowed to “vote” on AAI items. Others can be designated as “Invoice contact” if you are requesting an invoice to be paid via check or Wire Transfer. Additionally, you can select a Backup Contact – this would normally be someone who would be in the office most of the time and would allow distribution of AAI information. B) From there you will proceed down the page to describe a little about your organization – by first selecting which of the specialties your company provides. These specialties will be used by members and non-members when using the “search” feature of this web site. Then you can add additional specific information about your products and or services. C) Please read the AAI Corporate Mission and Philosophy statements and then click the “I Agree” button to proceed. D) Under the Membership Options – you have several choices – starting with the year – please select the year you wish to apply for membership. Annual Dues (we use the Calendar year) – most members will fall under the normal dues – if you feel that you qualify as an Entrepreneurial member – please contact the AAI Business Manager ( for a code – before you proceed. E) AEEC/AMC Collocated Meeting – after you click the appropriate block (if you are planning to attend this meeting) you will then have several options: You select the quantity (1 or 2) then the type of display - please click on Option Details for additional information. There is also an option for Corporate Sponsorship of the Lunch Program – this program was an out growth of some of our membership that were hosting lunches in their hospitality suite during the meetings. It is impossible for a hotel to suddenly feed 700+ attendees – it is also very expensive for the companies with Hospitality suites - with lots of waste. Several of our members came together in an effort to save money and to help keep the meeting on schedule – by donating a fee to pay for the lunches. During the lunches the AAI does not provide coffee or desert – so some of our members still provide an opportunity for attendees to visit their suite during lunch break and have coffee and desert. F) Then enter your new UserName and Password – We would suggest the UserName be associated with your company name – but the Password should be something unique. G) Then proceed to Payment Information – If you are paying via Credit Card – AMX/VISA/MC please insure the information provided under Billing Address is the address where credit card holder receives their monthly statement. You may select to print your own invoice or have one mailed to you. You may request our bank wire transfer information from the AAI Business Manager, You may also pay by company check mailed to: AAI Business Manager PO Box 320345 Franklin, WI 53132

How do I get my company logo on the AAI Display?

All AAI member companies have the option of having their company logo on the AAI Display. Simply attach a JPEG or TIFF file to an email to the AAI Business Manager The BM will display your logo on the AAI Display during the entire meeting you have selected to attend.

How do I display my companies’ products during the AAI Manufacturer's Reception?

Any current AAI member that is supporting the meeting can request to have a display table or booth space during the AAI Manufacturer's Reception and/or the AAI Breakfast/Lunch Showcase. There is a fee associated to cover costs of the hospitality events at which you will display. We attempt to accommodate all members and their request – however, in some venues physical space restricts us. Displaying during these hospitality events is very effective as many companies share in the associated costs.

What is the AAI Showcase?

For those members wishing to have their products and services on display throughout the meetings, The AAI Showcase display area will be available from Monday morning until Thursday afternoon providing greater opportunities to interface with potential clients during refreshment breaks, breakfasts, lunches, and the AAI Manufacturer's Reception. This is a unique opportunity to have your products and services on display throughout the entire meeting. Either draped tables or 10 square foot display areas are available in the AAI Showcase. Your can either set up your own 10' display or contact the AAI BM to coordinate a customized 10' display for you.

How do I find out information regarding the upcoming meetings?

From the AAI web site ( click on Conferences – then click on your meeting interest – this will link to a page with exact information regarding your meeting of interest. Typically, we will identify the dates, hotel location, hotel contact information, shipping information (for material and products for displays). Also, we announce AAI BOD meetings, AAI membership meetings, and AAI coordinated extracurricular activities (golf, tennis, etc). Additionally, ARINC-Industry Activities has extensive meeting information available. For Information regarding AEEC and AMC, meeting schedules, dates, locations, etc. please visit: o AEEC o AMC

Are there restrictions regarding the operating hours of the hospitality suites?

The only restriction is during the AAI Manufacturer's Reception – all suites will be closed during this time. You must also follow the hotel policies regarding smoking, drinks, noise, activities, etc. For all other information regarding booking a suite, contact ARINC,

Who organizes the refreshment breaks?

The AAI organizes the refreshment breaks – this is part of the hospitality fees on your invoice. AAI members may sponsor these breaks for additional corporate recognition. Contact the BM who will assist in planning pastries, soft drinks, ice cream, etc., supplementing the break. The BM will also coordinate the recognition signage for your sponsorship.

How do I make my hotel reservations?

What is the difference between a display table and a display area during the Manufacturer's Reception?

During the AAI Manufacturer's Reception our members have various display options. You may order one, or more, 6' display tables – the AAI provides a table draping, back-drop curtain, and a company name sign. For AAI members wishing to have more space to present their products, the AAI does provide a 10 sq foot (approximately 3 sq meters) display area in which you can set up your own display or request the AAI BM to help coordinate a display for you during the AAI Manufacturer's Reception. If you would like to display your products and services throughout the meetings and during refreshment breaks, breakfasts, lunches, and during the AAI Manufacturer's Reception, please read about the AAI Showcase in FAQ #7 above.

My company is part of a larger organization who is also a member of the AAI - why does my unit need to join?

If your company is a separate profit center you need to join AAI. The AAI organizes and manages the tables, booths, and overall hospitality for refreshment breaks, breakfasts, lunches, and the AAI Manufacturer's Reception. Only AAI members have the opportunity to; 1) Have a display during the AAI Manufacturer's Reception 2) Have a display in the AAI Showcase during the entire meeting 3) Sponsor AAI Hospitality Events 4) Participate in AAI sponsored events as a member

When I log onto the site - I notice there is a "vote" question - what is this about?

From time to time we must conduct association business which requires voting. Communicating via the internet is faster than by mail, and we can expect quicker replies. The only time you will receive a vote question is during the actual process. At that time as soon as you enter your User Name and Password the vote information will appear. Simply vote for your company with your choice and submit. It is that simple

What is the Members Login and where do I find it?

The Members Login is located in the upper right corner of every main page of the site. Enter your Username and Password. Now you can review your existing Members Profile – any of these items may be changed by clicking on the EDIT DETAILS button in the gray shaded area. Additionally, this is great opportunity to click on Change Logo to enter your company Logo – the logo will be added to your company information when your company’s information is requested in a Search. MEMBERHIP DETAILS This area will show your companies current membership details and will give you the option to add features for the current year. You can also click RENEW MEMBERSHIP which will complete all of your companies detail information for our next years membership – but you would still be required to complete all of the information regarding each of the meetings you wish to attend. COMPANY DESCRIPTION AND PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED This section will allow you to enter more detailed information about your company and the services you provide – any SEARCH inquiry will still provide your company web site but this may provide the opportunity to hit some very important key words that may suggest your company should be contacted first. If you have any problems with user names or passwords, please contact the AAI BM, Ray Frelk,, for assistance.

Meeting Information

What do I do to become an AAI Member for the upcoming AEEC/AMC Co-located Meeting?

A) Click on Membership - then complete all of the requested information. B) Select the Hospitality Fees, display options, and sponsorships that matches how your company will participate in AAI Hospitality Events. C) Then proceed to Payment Information – If you are paying via Credit Card – AMX/VISA/MC please insure the information provided under Billing Address is the address where credit card holder receives their monthly statement. You may select to print your own invoice or have one mailed to you. You may request our bank wire transfer information from the AAI Business Manager, You may also pay by company check mailed to: AAI Business Manager PO Box 320345 Franklin, WI 53132

ARINC Industry Activities

How do I register for the meetings?

Visit the Conferences and after selecting the conference you wish to attend – there is a button to send you directly to ARINC-IA Registration. Additional meeting registration information is provided on the ARINC Industry Activities web page. •

Why do I need to register with ARINC Industry Activities if I am a member of the AAI?

The AEEC/AMC annual meetings are organized by ARINC Industry Activities. They are responsible for the meeting programs, schedules, and registration activities to include preparing attendee badges.

Business Manager

Who do I contact about AAI Questions?

Contact the AAI Business Manager (Ray Frelk) 941-313-0471 (mobile), 414-235-5911 (fax) or

What is the AAI Business Managers Position

The Business Manager (BM) is not an employee of the AAI – there are no employees. The Business Manager is a paid consultant – reporting directly to the AAI Board of Directors (BOD). The BM provides a “face” for the day-to-day operations of the AAI and provides stable phone, fax, and email communications. Corresponding with state, local, and federal authorities - to insure compliance with rules and regulations. Additionally the BM maintains the website and works with various entities to keep the website current and effective. Membership invoicing, maintaining the membership roster, coordinating the activities for the meetings – refreshment breaks – Manufacturer's Receptions – breakfasts - lunches – displays – shipping – customs – site visits – documentation retention - etc. are also handled by the BM. The BM also assists the various AAI BOD functions – Treasurer, Secretary, Membership and senior BOD positions at their request – by providing requested information and necessary presentation material.